“But, Like, You Look Amazing”: A Definitive Guide To Shoshanna's Best

“But, Like, You Look Amazing”: A Definitive Guide To Shoshanna's Best
Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) may be the youngest of the Girls gang, but that's never stopped her from being the most daring (at least, as far as fashion goes) of the group. Though Lena Dunham's show is full of eclectic style and unique looks, nothing has …
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David Bowie's hair styles through the years offer a unique view into his
Tracking celebrity hair styles is not a new phenomenon, but most people don't have enough variety to document. An old website, now under renovation, once documented Hillary Clinton's tresses over the years, while another chart and GIF animation by Gary …
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12-Year-Old White Girl Goes Viral Over Braids, Gets Race-Tinged Backlash
Be that as it may, some black women are tired of what they perceive to be a double standard when it comes to black hair. Black women are often the subject of ridicule when they adopt hairstyles that are not readily associated with African-Americans.
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