Hair Care with Hair Conditioner

For hair care its essential to use a good hair conditioners as the best bet that can be put to use to further nourish and tame the dry hair, a result of application of shampoo. Regular use of hair conditioners not only helps keep the hair shiny and flexible; but also helps to replenish the quality of hair, as well as its smoothness. Hair conditioners not only help moisturize the hair but also give the hair its natural protective coating back that the hair loses after shampooing.

Choose the Correct Hair Conditioner

The hair conditioner is used to replenish the natural oils present in the hair that are lost due to application of shampoos (most of them are detergent based). So ideally speaking a dry, often frizzy, curly and coarse hair needs a good hair conditioner that will maintain the quality of hair. A good hair conditioner generally is made up of a good mix of cetyl/stearyl alcohol, silicone/dimethicone, methicones and panthenol; these essential oils as well as botanical oils such as jojoba oil, avocado/shea butter are also added in a good hair conditioner.

Hair conditioners give the hair temporary fluff look and can even make the damaged hair generate a fertile looking appearance. Hair conditioners also called re-constructors as they provide protein coat to the hair, filling gaps if outer cuticle gets damaged. Those who have hair treated with color can use a hair conditioner meant specifically meant for processed hair.

Need to Apply Hair Conditioners

Hair conditioners’ are similar to shampoos, but these are applied when hair is dry to set the hair right. Rub the hair conditioner on the scalp for a few minutes, let it to reach the roots and let it get absorbed. Washing the hair again after that is necessary, but care should be taken not to do scrubbing too hard or using lots of water will wash it off.

How to Apply Hair Conditioner?

After shampooing the hair be sure to carefully squeeze out the excess water from the hair. Then start combing the hair as gently as possible with a wide tooth comb, right from where the hair roots to where the hair end, but make sure to remove the hair tangles.

Then apply a little bit of hair conditioner and then thoroughly rub the hair using your fingers but be sure not to touch the scalp. After 5 minutes of gently doing hair massage to loosen up the hair conditioner, rinse the hair of all traces of the hair conditioner and let it dry.

How to Make a Homemade Hair Conditioner Using Natural Ingredients?

Though numerous hair conditioners are available in the market, if woman want they can make hair conditioners at home also. Homemade hair conditioners are made of fruits, vegetables and food and condition the hair if used in proper way. Below is an example of making herbal hair conditioners at home.

A Hair Conditioner Based on Clary Sage and Rosewood Oil

Preparing a hair conditioner at home is really easy. Prepare a mix of a variety of natural herbs/oils and mix them with rosewood oil. Such a hair conditioner gives the hair a real healthy shine and a clean smell that’s mild to the nose. These home made hair conditioners’ are of great help in reducing the excess production of sebum.

To make this type of homemade herbal hair conditioner the essential ingredients needed include the following; conditioner base 6 tbsp, rosemary oil 5 drops, clary sage oil 10 drops, rosewood oil 10 drops, lavender oil 3 drops, and lastly tea tree oil 2 drops.


Pour the entire conditioner base in to a glass/plastic container, and then add all the above mentioned oils (conditioner base 6 tbsp, rosemary oil 5 drops, clary sage oil 10 drops, rosewood oil 10 drops, lavender oil 3 drops, and lastly tea tree oil 2 drops), mix them and then stir them thoroughly, so as to make sure that the all the ingredients get mixed properly and evenly. Then pour the mixture into a glass bottle using a funnel carefully to avoid spill. The herbal hair conditioner is finally ready to use (apply on the hair) for as long as it lasts.

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