'The hardest part of breast cancer was losing my hair'

'The hardest part of breast cancer was losing my hair'
Jasmin Julia Gupta, founder of charity Cancer Hair Care, which helps people cope with losing their hair, has seen more than 5,000 women struggling with hair loss over the last decade. Her experience has shown her that it's one of the hardest side …
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I Get ASMR Body Tingles From the Sound of Someone Scratching a Rug
I can't really pinpoint my first "tingle" experience, but I remember getting my hair shampooed at a hair salon when I was younger and finding the experience relaxing to the point of almost falling asleep. A friend of mine who watches ASMR videos told …
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Shampoo is ruining your hair
“The texture of my skin had changed [for the worse] because it wasn't getting any exfoliation.” … In December, 200 women joined a lawsuit against WEN by Chaz Dean hair care, claiming their cleansing-conditioner line caused severe hair loss and damage.
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