Aging Skin Care

Your aim should be at reducing further redness, spotting and dryness that includes a consistent use of quality products to revive your skin and restore the younger look.

Your simple aging skin care routine should comprise the basic things which are wash cloth, cleanser, towel, day cream with alpha hydroxy, moisturizer night cream with peptides, water, micordermabrasion and eye cream. These are the essential components that are required to help your aging skin look youthful.

For aging skin care, you can use a cleanser which is gentle to wash the skin. A cream based cleanser with exfoliating beads is recommended for normal to dry skin while clear cleanser with exfoliating beads is recommended for oily skin.

Splash water on the face to make it wet and dampen your wash cloth after rinsing the excess water from it. Rub the wash cloth gently over the skin with a squirt of cleanser onto it, in circular and smooth motion. Use it from your forehead to the neck making sure that the cleanser doesn’t get into your eyes and the eyelids are not being scrubbed.

With warm water you have to rinse the face cleanser off your face and pat it dry with a towel. Then apply the moisturizers with SPF as it acts as a sunscreen and is better if it has anti aging property. An oil and fragrance free moisturizers adds elegance to aging skin care. Make sure that the application of the moisturizers should be avoided around the eyes.

Use only a dime sized squirt of moisturizer and apply it on the neck upwards right from decollagete to the chin and always avoid rubbing downwards because downward rubbing of moisturizers promote wrinkling. If you plan to use a make up, first use a day cream that should contain mild concentration of alpha hydroxy as that helps in keeping the skin smooth and taut.

Use a peptide containing night cream during the evening that rejuvenates the skin.

Microdermabrasion treatment can be used for skin exfoliation at least once a week. It comes in two parts where the exfoliant sheds the dead cells and restores the youthful look followed by the usage of the replenishing liquid that comes in the microdermabrasion kit.

Please use eye cream around the eyes before going to bed as it reduces the possibility of wrinkle formation and is a useful tip for the aging skin care.


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