Candle Making Wax Ideas

Candle making wax comes in a variety of colors and textures and is a wonderful way to accentuate the design of your home.

Crafts to make with candle wax! Picture this, a stunning white votive candle on a modern table surrounded by the latest fashionable home décor.

How simple is it to make a candle? Do you find it pretty challenging to actually make candle wax? Well, you’ll need to purchase wax from a candle making supplies store.

When selecting wax, think about what scent you’d like. Beeswax candles have a beautiful natural scent and soy wax has a natural colour and texture that’s also appealing for the senses and attractive to the eye.

Wax for candle making also comes in a variety of shapes, most commonly the block or else a flake. Beeswax comes in a flat sheet that can be cut and rolled up and does not need to be melted down, unlike the other waxes.

Making candles from the different types of candle wax can also give you an idea of what candles you like the best. Candles wax is also hard or soft like the beeswax so see which medium you like working in the best.

Candle making kits also come with a block of wax, plus a thermometer for checking the melt temperature plus natural dye colours and fragrant essential oils.

Candle fragrance should be non toxic and mix well with the wax. Candle scent like vanilla or lavender is very popular.

You could even invite friends around for an arty afternoon of designing and making your own candles for the next few months. Bulk candle supplies can be a way of splitting the cost of the candle wax as well as the colours and essential oils.

Making your own votive candle is simply a matter of choosing the right scent to go in the candle wax. Try matching the colour of the candle wax with the fragrance.

For example, choose a purple candle wax and then match it with a beautiful calm, relaxing lavender fragrance. It may even match the violet or purple curtains in your room creating a soothing harmonious atmosphere.

A  gentle lavender massage oil with natural organic lavender from your garden could be the last beautiful detail in your candle making adventure, turning an ordinary room into a goddess inspired temple. All from beginning with choosing the right candle wax!

You’ll also need a guide on how to make wax candles. If you do choose an easy fun guide that let’s you discover for yourself the joy of candle making.

The ways you can use candle making wax is only limited by your imagination.

John Mignano is publisher of Candle Making Secrets and newsletter The Magic Formula of Candle Making Crafts. He is a self-taught candle maker enthusiast. He is the author of the Candle Making Wax Guide.
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