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Whether you are working the streets in the city shuttle OL, or a lovely temperament Ka Wayi sweetheart, whether you are a skilled make-up Beauty up people, or on the make-up novice crush fledgling technology. Lip Gloss for brilliant color, moist texture, a convenient way of painting has been welcomed by the majority of women friends. Lip soft and rich texture of paste; U.S. eye-catching color or brilliant, or Talking about the carved, Yihuo colorless and transparent; color, the cool moist lips Yan, crystal flash, with flash refractive effect, while increasing the lips and stereo. However, often due to high oil content, so when you lightly punch line, it could easily be “eaten.”

Tuozhuang lip gloss makes lips dark after the dull, so your beautiful cut points. Therefore, from time to time the take-up mirror, observe the lips are still moist and glossy, clues lip gloss has disappeared in the unconsciously brilliant color, became a habit. Often fear eat lip gloss, and repeated smear not only feel cumbersome, and many times unsatisfactory smear result often makes more embarrassment caused by a small number of lips. Therefore, how to find a long-lasting brilliant lip gloss, long-term to maintain a beautiful index, reduce the number of smear, but it can clear thin, shiny moving effect, as the majority of female friends, have been pursuing.

Now leading the new L’Oreal Paris Lip era is coming. Breakthrough technology, six years of research, patent the results, the market’s first real, lasting 6 hours of lip gloss. You have a tender lips lip color, while lasting 6 hours distributed light shine brightly, the release of charm does not stop. L’Oreal Paris, 6 years with a unique formula developed formation of a special durable film, color, and shiny particles locked in a durable film, which lead to lasting six hours of color effects.

The same time, there is a layer of gloss durable outer membrane layer, making lip gloss is full of bright color, bright luster refraction. Lip do not have to worry about the beautiful to eat less points, no need to smear and make results for repeated unsatisfactory, as long as the L’Oreal Paris has the charm of Bright lasting lip gloss, you will be able to prolong their beauty time and show your crystal flash the charm of bright lips.

This, L’Oreal Paris by luxury noble bottle, crystal bottle of high texture unique packaging. Heart-shaped lip shaping, lip more fitting for easy painting. So you have lasting beauty, while L’Oreal Paris to enjoy the intimate experience with you. 13 carefully selected gorgeous color, must make every female friend as “fascinating and heart Liang” beautiful baby.

Rush OL for work who you want to have a lasting one in the office all day among the beauty of it?

The party party of fashion people, you would like the audience at the party into a long-lasting beauty focus? L’Oreal Paris Charm Colorful

Select lasting lip gloss, you will be able to extend the beauty of the time, sustained focus everyone’s attention, the focus of a beautiful audience.

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